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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  May 2, 2014 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> speaking out. nba owner donald sterling makes his first public comment about the scandal that got him banned from basketball. >> good evening. we are financially hearing from l.a. clippers owner donald stivrmingt 80-year-old nba owner is breaking his silence now to a magazine about those taped comments that earned him
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a life time ban and may ultimately cost him his team. abc news reporter mary bruce has the story. >> he has been kicked out of the nba. slammed in the court of public opinion. and now he is finally speaking out. talking to this magazine about v stiviano the woman who recorded the infamous racist comment. he said i wished i paid her off. sterling not just fight to go hold on to the team. he's also fateing for his life. espn reporting the 80-year-old has prostate cancer for extended period of time. after week mired in controversy the players are ready to move on. >> we are past it. >> nba already banned him for life and fined 2.5 million $for his rant against african americans. now the league is taking steps to force a sale of the team. 10 member advisory panel agreeing to move forward as expeditiously as possible. clippers now the hottest ticket in town with big name celebrity
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vying to buy the team. open are and sean combs all want in. others being a bit more coy. >> we'll see what happens. >>reporter: there are rumors that sterling estranged wife shelly may interested in taking over the team but doesn't seem likely it will stay if the family. both the nba and players want a fresh start. this is abc news los angeles. >> bar were walters interview sterling girlfriend v stiviano exclusively today. here's preview. >> you just left donald sterling. what is his state of mind right now? >> about confused. if i think he feels very alone. if the truly supported. by those around him. tormented. >>reporter: you can see barbara walters interview on abc 2020 at 10:00 o'clock over
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on channel 7. >> the father of the santa clara teenager who survived that flit to hawaii in the wheel well of a hawaiian air liens jet says he's not allowed to see his sochbility 1 15-year-old boy in protective dust of child welfare service his father arrived in honolulu 5 days a ago hoping to see his son and bring him back home to the bay area. concerning to our media partner the mercury news officials denied the father's request to see his son. spokesperson says they could not explain why if citing privacy concerns. >> passing grade not enough. those words from congressman from please an top who toured the airport today. he sits on the security committee and wants better security installed after at the time boy stowed away on the plane. david has the story. >>reporter: congressman was drivenal much of the 6 miles of perimeter fence in san jose.
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sky 7 hd overhead for the grave minute tour. the home lapped security committee member looked carefully at the height of the fences and the security cameras. tsa approved the security here few weeks ago but he doesn't think the standards are high enough. >> tsa standard i don't think are strong enough to protect the vast amounts of airport the criminal. that's the bottom line. we don't have enough form about what is coming across the perimeter to alert people as soon as possible. >>reporter: camp are don't cover 100 percent of the perimeter and 15-year-old who apparently jumped over the if he says was not caught on vide video. he believes surveillance need to enlist technology because radar emotion detector because no one can watch the camp are out the put all the time. tsa was looking that the technology right after 9/11. >> there was a blue ribbon commission that looked at airport security. sap jose participate entered that. bury tsa didn't do much follow-up on
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that. so i think we owe to it passengers now in light of 5 breaches occurring to truly look at what pilot programs we could employ. >> he doesn't think higher fences would be cost effective or deteren trieders. he says it's still a mystery how the young stow away went over the if he says no. ripped clothing material was ever found. people want more technology use. >> the fence lane is less security than a gate. check in point i suppose. but yes, i think that could be could improve security. >> if they can spy on everyone around the world they should be able to watch perimeter of an airport. >>reporter: in sap jose, david louie abc 7 news. >> 2 giants of the cell phone industry has been facing off san jose federal court for most. apple samsung suing each other each claiming the other stole its technology but tonight the verdict is in. battle has been over accusations by apple that samsung used patented apple
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technology in a pop already samsung phone galaxy s 3. technology apple says taken from the latest i-phone including the 5. many claims of infringement made but the judge made it nair odd to 7 patton and citing awarding apple 119 million dollars. a lieutenant of 00money maybe but not the 2 bill i don't know or more apple was seeking. about half the amount for technology samsung used in the ground breaking phone s 3 and key find that go samsung stole the unlock feature that apple says it patented. >> you should know that this is the second time apple and samsung are have faced off over patent. first case two years ago in the same federal court with the same judge but with smart phones apple won but took a second trial to settle on damages of 1 billion dollars. jurors ordered to return to
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court on monday to continue deliberation on another matter the result including higher pay out for apple. >> one person dead and second has major injuries after a two car accident in north san jose. intersection is still closed right now. sky 7 hd was over the scene late today as fire crew work to clear the wreckage jaws horrifying mess. you can see one of the cars ended up wrapped around the light pole. police say that driver had run a red light and clipped the second vehicle with family inside. they were not hurt. investigators say one of the cars appears to have been speeding prior to the crash but did not say which one at this point. >> pit bull mix that atbingd a 3-year-old vallejo girl and sent hader to the hospital will be euthanized. but glad to know the little girl is home tonight recovering. 3-year-old mystical 0way suffer bite wounds to head and neck before her father was able to fight off that dog and pull the dog off her. laura anthony has
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more on the story. >> i will not allow him to live because then i won't trust him. >> after difficult 44 hours the owner of blue the pit bull mastiff mix that mawrld 3-year-old vallejo girl has decided the doing must be put down. >> it hurts me to have to say that but i have to be logical and be responsible towards not just myself but the people around me. >>reporter: thursday evening little calloway was outside her vallejo home with her sister and 2 neighbor girls when the 89 pound blue came running up from a nearby apartment comple complex. >> right hear and that's when the dog latched on to her. >>reporter: marcus is her father. >> if the dog would have let go it would have been no problem. but the fact that you know it latched on wouldn't let go. i darn near had to strangle it in order for to it let go. >> calloway straddle the dog and pulled the mouth off the
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head cutting his own hand in the process. by that time blue owner had arrived and grand the leash. >> he wasn't trying to attack her. he just wanted to play with her but you can't you can never know what a dog is thinking. >> it's okay. >> she suffered cuts last rigs to her head and face. her ear is okay. >> i am sorry this happened to the little givrment i was not expecting this. >>reporter: carla says 2-year-old blue will be euthanized and she's also offered to pay the girl medical bells. in vallejo, abc 7 news. >> poor they think glad she is better. >> operator at 13 east bay massage parlor arrested and charged with crimes ranging from pimping to taxi vegas. alameda county da announced culmination of 6 month investigation today that includes local state and federal authorities. 18 business operators were arrested in this sting. accused of ruching brothel out
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of massage parlor and foot spa in the city of oakland, san leandro, hayward. officers serving warrants today pd found husbands of thoses of dollars in cash and illegal marijuana grow. suspects face more than 100 felony. >> this type of illicit behavior is not acceptable in our community. that we will investigate, arrest and prosecution offender who engage in not only this type of activity but in activity that involves human trafficking t-sex trafficking, labor trafficking and other forms of exploit i have behavior. >> da says suspects will have to prove their bail money was earned legally. some expected in court on tuesday. more to bring you on 7 news at 9:00. up next. city of san francisco has been successful this year in holding down its homicide rate. biggest drop on record in fact. >> also drone in yosemite?
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the park is telling visitors who want to bring theirs. sandhya has the weekend wichblingts it is a downward spiral in terms of temperatures we already started to see the cooling today. back with detailed look at what you will be facing as you head outside this weekend come up. >> thanks. lake tahoe facility heroic effort to get injured bear healthy again. i'll explain the work it takes to get them back into the wild. 7 get them back into the wild. 7 news at 9:00 continues
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you. 4 murder in san francisco so far this year. that's it. it's not happening everywhere in oakland, 29 murder so far. san jose 13 homicides since january. vick lee with some reasons for this precip. tuesday drop in the murder rat rate. >> looking at brazen gang video showing a mask man waving a semi-automatic handgun. so far this year san francisco police seized more than 100 guns. many of them assault rifles from the streets. deputy chief hector. >> we have done a good job recovering and using video technology. social media. again the community coming forward. >> police say that's one of the reasons why the city homicide rate plummeted since january there have been 4 murders. xir
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that to last year at this time when there were 11. in 2012, 20 people killed in the first 4 months of the year. former gang leader richards found brothers against gens gun he notices different attitude among the young people he counsel. >> a lot of them know early grave is not what is in police for them. >> police are focus on violent crimes another rope for the if he number knoll did he clean in the murder rate. relying on a computer january rated crime tracking system to pen point where violent crime occurs. special violence reduction units are deployed to the so-called red zone. >> rival gang we immediately saturate both location so that we can prevent retaliation and also prevent i tipped violence. >>reporter: appears to be a closer relationship now among city officials, police and community leaders. francis lester who lost her son to gunfire believes that is a
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primary reason for the drop. >> i believe a little closer, taking a look at the whole picture, it is i believe it's one of the reasons we are making a difference. >>reporter: surprising thing is that the murder rate has dropped dramatically even though the police department is down by more than 300 officers. this is abc 7 news. >> yosemite is advising visitors that the park is a no drone zone. use of unmanned aircraft systems prohibited within the park boundary but yosemite officials have seen an increase in the number of visitors using drones. they say the aircraft can be extremely noisy and impact the natural sound escape of the park. drone can also have negative impact on wild life especially l falcon on cliff walls. >> the abc 7 news eye team asking simple question tonight. three years since the san pablo land slide drove people from their homes, why hasn't the hillside been sick.
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coverup avoid paying portions of the repair east looked noochlt we wept out to the hill and found yards and yards of tarp. they cover damage left by that slow motion slide in 2011 that claimed people's back yards and sent mud on to the houses below. now if joe is fighting for the city to take responsibility for the drain system designed and approved by san pablo engineer in 1955. >> in 1958 they knew it was a bad design when it blew out the hillside. they should have taken the rest of it out. they didn't. they left it there. >> 30's much more to the story tonight on 7 news at 11:00 on channel 7. dan will take you through the evidence showing a tl of 4 slides on that same hillside and offers of help city officials said never came through. okay hope you cancu
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tune in for that. big change in the forecast and weather today. cooler and spencer is off. sandhya said it was really nice outside e.beautiful outside. not uncomfortable if i more. temperatures fell 5 to 21 degree ins san francisco. pretty dramatic shift. we tip with the downgoing down for the weekend all right sought temperatures willful few more degree. show you these change changes. brent wood gilroy in the low 90's today. not happening tomorrow. we drop you down to the 70's a as you look at live doppler 7 hd. bi biggest change that we all notice this morning along the coast the fog back still watching some of the fog temporarily pulled away from parts of the coast line because trough goes through but i get report of mist and dampness around pacifica so we deal with developing marine layer right notice. on shore wind. sfo
9:19 pm
gust to 20. half moon bay 23. wind direction is coming off the water and that's what is continuing our cool down. see from the sutro towerp camera exploratorium some fog. nice picture there 54 degree ins san francisco. oakland 57. 60 currently in san jose. 70 and down 54 degree from his our emeryville camera. hard to miss the fog. here are the temperatures mid 50's santa rosa napa 61 fairfield 64 currently for more there is a breeze out there. flags are playing with l. here's a look at the forecast. low clouds fog inland over tonight tonight and cooling trend will continue and gets warmer by the middle of next week but didn't worry you don't like the heat won't be a piece of what we sauce saw with the cooling trend today and the trough is stirring up the marine layer temporarily but it's developing and we will
9:20 pm
see overnight tonight. cooler conditions inland on saturday low pressure system gets close closer. not expecting rain but could be misty tomorrow morning especially with the fog. the high and low includes and fog of fog inland for saturday morning. cool stort. early morning fans great money morning for a run. upper from is to 50's tomorrow afternoon. high clouds in the south bay. morgan hill, 73 degree ins san jose. on the peninsula low 70's redwood city loss at ocean on the l cool side with the lingering agree. sometimes san francisco and count our the national. ac 50's here. 73 santa rosa. 74 nap a.east bay upper 60's san leandro newark hayward beautiful day in the east day. inland east bay that is low to 7074 in concord
9:21 pm
livermore. here's few more degrees slip sunday and monday and then we'll start to see them rise again tuesday through friday just a few degrees each and every day dalles dan calls it steady as she comes. should be nice looking weather. >> beautiful thanks sandhya. >> back into the wild. rare illness side line this beautiful feature but after months of treatment you will see
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a we learn more about the baby falcon living outside san jose city hall. a biologist rappel
9:25 pm
down the side of the 18 story building this morning and placed identification band on the 2 male and 2 female chicks. 29 chick have been born in the city hall nest spot in the last seven years. >> team of veterinarians wild life researchers who helped an ailing eagle recuperate saw the hard work pay off today. young golden eeing that he will had been under their care for the last 8 most was released back into the east bay wilderness. bird was brought to the uc cave is raptor center with severe and rare mite infestation that left her faevtsless weak and in poor health. >> in captivity since august 9 and recovering since and they have claimed that she's ready to go now and we believe she is as well. >>reporter: researchers just beginning to understand the mite infestation that this eagle suffered from. recognize her full recovery from it. rescuers have named her might might. >> another half hour of 7 news at nip 0coming up next. we
9:26 pm
continue street battle in ukraine and some choice words from president obama for russia put i hope. >> also land slide that is buried hundreds of peoples in remote corner of afghanistan. and california getting a little closer to building a hydrogen highway. stay here another highway. stay here another half hour of
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>> good evening once again. anks for being here. start this half hour over seas to ukraine. new boiling point on the ground there tonight. choppers down by gunfire. buildings set aflame. ancient city erupting in violence as pro russian forces and ukraine troop do battle in the streets.
9:30 pm
we are there. >> street battle are now neighbor versus neighbor. in the city here explosion and tear gas. this battle cry ringing out. on one side those who want the country to stay united on the other those who want to separate being supported by russia. fight spark thanksgiving fire at the separatist headquarters leaving people dangling from at least 31 dead. elsewhere pro russian mob hitting back taking down 2 helicopters and stopping this armored carrier from advancing. day after storming yet another government building. we see bomb and tear gas and stun grenade. entire condition try now on edge. city after city falling lake domino to pro russian gang. at that time president meeting with germany chancellor took
9:31 pm
another shot at russian leader putin. >> washington can't be taken into account is mr. putin suggestion both through words and action that he has the right to violate the solve republic ty of another country. that's not acceptable. ix hear open the streets anger aimed at the united states we asked this pro russian leader who he blames for the violence. his answer doesn't need any translation. >> america. >> it's not clear what kind of violence will provoke 0response from russian a.spokesman says putin is being kept informed of the unfolding events there and regards the swi quote grave concern. so stay tune we'll see what happens next. >> at least 350 people are dead and thousands more missing tonight. following a major land slide in afghanistan. days of heavy rain trigger the slide that buried 300 homes in remote area of northeast afghanistan. the rest of the
9:32 pm
village evacuated because of concerns there will be more moving mud. rescue crew are lacking for people still trapped in the rubble but officials say they don't have enough equipment governor put out an appeal for more shovels. >> cdc says deadly virus spread in the middle east has turned up in the united states for the first time. officials say an american who works in health care in saudi arabia is hospitalized in indiana with the mers virus. outbreak surfaced two years ago in saudi arabia. 400 cases have been reported there. and more than 100 people have died so quite serious. the virus has been found in camels but officials don't know how it is spread to go humans. cdc is trying now to track down anyone that the american victim had close contact with recently. >> look at the video from the "washington post"today. it show as building collapsing in dc intermount vernon square. actually the second collapse of
9:33 pm
the day he building next door crumpled hours before. they were evacuated before the second collapse. one rush to the whose minor injury. authorities say strip club was issued structural the construction permit in 2012. investigators have not said why the building actually collapse collapsed. >> today news from ukraine tampered wall street enthusiasim for the new jobs numbers. employers added 2 8 88,000 people to their payroll last month. driving the unemployment writ down to 6.3 percent. that's the best rate in 5 and a half years. stock prices went down for the most part. do you dropping 45 points technology stock like tesla went up. >> like this relief in sight at the gas pump. price of oil fell below 100 dollars barrel first time in 3 weeks. analyst say it is a sign of more to come. price of gas reached a state average of 4 26 day down a fraction from the day before.
9:34 pm
one analyst says praises on the west coast could fall tl more by july as long as there are no interruptions to the supply. >> california is planning to double the number of hydrogen fueling station business 2015. new stations are planned for palo alto. woodside. saratoga san jose redwood city and oakland. there's just one now in emeryville. there are currently about 230 fuel cell car in california but honda, hyundai, toyota plan to market the cars in california within 2 year time. >> head of all girl catholic high school in belmont says she made a mistake in the way she happened criticism over lgbt speaker on campus. we first reportedless tonight the controversy gap when the web site california catholic daily protested that gay activist was speak to go students at notre dame high school. greg if spoke for the past 20 years at the school about his life and tolerance. the web site asked
9:35 pm
readers to xlan. school then told him he could not deliver a planned speech. head of notre dame high says the controversy has taught the staff and students an important lesson. >> it's allowed us to enter no an important conversation about intolerance and bigotry which are 2 things that we are directly opposed to here. >> notre dame high school plans to have him return to the campus and 10 talking to students about acceptance. >> coming up next. lake tahoe facility heroic effort to get injured bear healthy again. >> and the work it takes to get them back into the while. i have that story for you as 7 have that story for you as 7 newst ♪
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>>. >> may is asian pacific american hair tan month and we are using our instagram feed to show case the culture in the bay area and today we recognize former astronaut a danville native who made 4 different trips into space over his 15 year career with nasa. we have more information on instagram at abc 7 news bay area. >> tonight i want to bring you up to date an 3 bear cubs rescued around lake tahoe. one of them fond injured at the heavenly ski area couple of months ago we followed that for you if you watch us regularly you have seen it. thanks to expert medical care and a lot of good food all 3 cubs are actually doing quite well. tonight they return to the wild. >> if you weren't to rescue bear cubs you better know what you are diagnose. they start off like this tiny cub that is at the wild life care thriving and end up like these guys.
9:40 pm
living and growing at the same rescue center. 3 cub all 14 maybe 15 month old. ready for release in the remote wilderness. just been sedated and volunteer check if they are ready to be moved. bear at the front is out of it but the one in the back not quite ready to be handled. before you get worried you should know that behavior is actually a good sign. >> that is telling me that the bear has not habitual and less likely to get into nuisance activity down the road. this is run by this couple over the years raised almost 60 orphan or injured bear cub 2 of the 3 have been released since rescued by the bear leg last summer. one hit by a car. the others mother was hit by a car. the third bear is named heavenly because he was found injured at the heavenly 63 resort in march. after he was
9:41 pm
tranquillize the ski patrol brought him down the hill on a slechltd even gave him objection jechbility he arrived at the wild life center weighing 49 pounds. too thin with puncture wounds on his body. >> we don't know what caused the injuries. >> they did know how to help i it. >> he gave 23 pounds in 10 day. >> my wife is a good cook. >> now it's early morning on release date. >> 2 bear weighed more than 100 pounds and they get weighed and then get a quick final check by veterinarian kevin. >> they all healed up really nice. >> they are in charm of the actual release. they tag the by and load them into cages for the ride out to their new home. >> take the blanket and coverup a little bit more. >> the bear rae leased within 75 miles of where they were found and far away from populated years two cub here since last summer will be rae leased together. heavenly on his own. once he's loaded in it's about an hour drive to
9:42 pm
location very similar to where he used to live. >> heavenly valley without the ski resort. >> including armed warden. just this case things go bad. >> as it turns out heavenly has no plans to make trouble. >> still a little groggy from sedation so the team has to give him you remember to go move along. >> we haden still tough love we didn't like to put fear in the animal for no good reason but we want to put the fear of people back in the bear. let the bear know people are bad. don't hang around us. go be wild. >> eventually heavenly climb as tremendous. it's a gratifying moment for the people who work so hard to help him survive. >> that's what we do as an organization and that is the ultimate success is to get him become out where they belong. >> very excited. >> odd with good rope. fish wild life department says the rae lease of the other 2 cub
9:43 pm
also went just as well. volunteer group rescue care for bear get no government money and depend on private donation. if impressed by the work you can help by going to link at a this web site. >> coming up next on 7 news at 9:00. crucial new connect or for bay area bicycle ridersers. new san francisco bike lane unlike anythin
9:44 pm
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i. >> if you ride a bike in san francisco the life say soon get easier. officials cut the ribbon on bike lane along polk street at market and grove near city hall. only 2 blocks but you know it's not the distance that makes it such a big deal but rather the accident city planners went to to make it safe for bicyclist. 7 news reporter jonathan bloom has the story.
9:47 pm
>> biking to class one evening her life took a detour. >> car can you tell me off turning right and i went in the front head light of it fell backwards and i remember i was in an ambulance. >> surgery. rehab. but it just so happens that class was in government administration. klein went to work for the mta if bike and pedestrians safety. >> when something happens that all of a sudden you don't feel safe getting around it really wakes you up. >> that crash aichele wouldn't happen today. bright green bike lane now line much of market street physically separated from car traffic. there was a missing link until now. >> are you excited as i am. >> 2 block stretch of polk street that was one way. now 2 way for basic el. supervisor kim helped cut the ribbon and took the ceremony first bike ride. if or tried to. northbound bike lane well separated and own traffic light. keep book from having
9:48 pm
to go on the sidewalk or take busy streets like vanness. >> people who don't bike may not realize your choice before this were quite miserable. >> newest bike lane part of larger vision for the city being champion by pretty much any cyclist hit by a car and there are lots of them. >> i got hit by a car cycling and broke my hip. >> i woke up in the emergency room hour and a half later. >> stories everywhere. in this case the ribbon cutting the first time on a bike since the crash. >> the only reason i did it was because it's safe. >> she and others standing behind transportation director ed. >> would you like to see more of this kind of work all over san francisco? >> backing the mayor effort to fund more bike lanes by raising the car tax. they have got one >> now that you see it once you want it everywhere. >> safer way to get around on 2 or 3 wheels. in san francisco, jonathan bloom abc 7 news. >> pretty neat isn't it. all right one latter check on the weather. sandhya is here.
9:49 pm
cool and sandhya sounds like getting cooler. >> indeed. look at live doppler 7hd marine layer regrouping that means temperatures will continue to fall as we hit the wean. state wide numbers will come did you know as well. 82 degrees at yosemite. 65 tahoe. down in los angeles 84 degrees of course the desert will continue to cook. tomorrow afternoon no 90's expecting mid 70's around some of our inland valley antioch concord livermore 68 oakland 64 san francisco, 73 santa rosa, san jose and along the coast half moon bay the fog will be hanging around 61 degrees. you will see occasional high clouds over the top of the fog as well moving across the bay area and if you go to the cinco de mayo festival in the mission district if san francisco tomorrow mostly cloudy upper 50's. by noon time start to see a little bit of sunbreaking through and breasts in the afternoon cooling it down to the low 60's by 6:00 p.m. make sure you take an extra layer with you but should be nice weather for seevrng 0did he mio festivities anywhere around the
9:50 pm
bay area. look at the accu-weather 7 day forecast bottoming out on monday and warm it back up but jaws graduate minor warming trend dan. >> so beautiful. >> beautiful. >> thanks very much. >> sports director larry is here. the giants left cool weather of the bay area to go to hotlanta tonight. >> humidity. heat. has brutal out there. it can be. >> playing the heat tonight? timy professional segue. if scarce for the giants in atlanta. michael took care of that. problems with one big can you tell it's friday night. can you tell it's friday night. sports is
9:51 pm
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>> come up tonight at 11:00. it's a private place for intimate encounter but not everyone is exited for the hook up truck to roll in town. tonight you meet the controversial crator. and 3 years after a local land slide drove people from their homes, nothing has been done to fix
9:54 pm
it. dan investigates accusations of a city government coverup. those stories and important coming up on 7 news at 11:00 over on on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7 >> but larry is here with the sports tonight. giants on the east coast. >> yes. south really. south east? >> south east. >> yes. >> sort of the east coast. >> all right. all right. i don't want to argue. the give us the highlights. wow! goodness. one good line you were fine. hard to get through this now in a micky mouse voice high pitch. roll it. never mine the set up. >> hears tim. he used to play for the braves. will is in the south east. angel going north. okay. 1 nothing giants in a flash and lead off homer. tim
9:55 pm
era over 5. can't tell that to justin upton. goes 6 innings. hostile environment. michael in the sixth. this is beast mode dan right there. seventh of the year. in the 9th two on 2 out. sergio gets justin upton just browsing and that was a good save. giants hold on 2 to 1. a's in boston. i believe that's northeast. back in the house and 2nd inning former giants years ago. single home. a lead here and 3rd inning. can't handle the pitch. in the sixth cook in with the bases loaded. you hang it. he bangs it. dustin grand slam and that broke it wide open. red sox have been tore us 7-1. frainers gamble
9:56 pm
on linebacker smith hoping to stay out of trouble. the 9.7 million dollar contract option on smith from the 2015 season. fantastic on the field. 171 tackle and from sack in just 43 games played but off the field you just don't know what you are going to get from day-to-day. 24 years old. he's facing separate weapon charges drunken driving charges. possible misdemeanor charges after making a bomb threat at lax last month. but he can sack the quarterback. smith also expected to face an nfl imposed suspension at some point. now to the nba and it has been an amazing post season on sheer grit and will the warriors held on to beat the clippers 100-99. now can they summon the energy to beat the clips back in l.a. tomorrow night 7:30 start in game 7? game 6 jaws war of attrition. both teams shot under 40 percent. curry he was gassed
9:57 pm
at the end. 24 points though. late fourth quarter. andre drill the corner 3 and fouled as the warriors held off the clippers o'neal left with a knee injury. mri bone bruise on the kneecap but germane said last tonight he's determined to play in game 7. >> i think anything short of guy coming back, anything short of that is more like. >> captain worry about foul trouble. all or nothing now so if it comes did you know to it you have to. >> unfortunate part is somebody is going home. >> very good team. >> with a bright future. >> duncan and the spurs close-out today glass game sex. ellis lit it up in the fourth quarter. dallas the lead with a 3 over him and 29 points
9:58 pm
here. right to the rack and finger roll but the spurs hanging it down 5. time running out mill drill the three. last chance for the spurs got to look. mills off the mark. the mavs hold on 11 113-111. game 7. sunday in san antonio. jay-z and beyonce wow! power couple there. nets and respecttors game 6. daryn williams. brought the power tonight. 23 points. nice lay up there. pall pierce had 12. hits the 3. nets led by as many as 22nd. potential close-out gym for toronto and barely showed up and then williams knocking down another jumper. happy nets force game 7 on sunday 97-83. game 3 in portland. blazers against kevin and rocket first quarter he can play. 4 point my over
9:59 pm
troy daniels there. james is on and off and off right there he's on. fear the beard. hit the 3. 30 points. 10 rebound and rate now the score is 87-8 87-85. portland late in the fourth. boxing ready to rumbl rumble. undefeated play mayweather grave and o. record on the line against marcos. tomorrow night in vegas. shredded. 146 pounds. mayweather earn 32 million i don't know for this bout. abc 7 sports brought to you by toyota. >> i think we should work in geography in every show. >> monday capitol city. >> capitol city. >> absolutely. >> all right thanks larry. >> this is 7 news for sandy larry all of us here thanks for watching appreciate your time watching appreciate your time see
10:00 pm
pierce! hi! hi! hi, pierce. oh... hi. hey. happy new year, you guys. do anything fun over break? baby ben got to be baby jesus in our church's nativity play. andre was joseph, jordan, one of the wise men,


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